The project pipeline is longer than most of your competitors realize. Many wait until an RFQ or RFP hits the street before they begin their pursuit. Some think they are on top of the project pipeline because they are quick to respond to an RFI. But you know that's still too late. As long it takes for large infrastructure projects to make it from the planning stage to completion, you understand well that the lifecycle of a project is longer even than that. You have the ability to affect your public sector client's project pipeline years in advance, engaging with your client while they are still developing their long range plans. All the while your participation in their process makes you a trusted partner, positioning you not only to win the project but deliver it successfully.

Because, experience has taught you that winning the job isn't the end of the race but just the beginning. And when those inevitable issues arise over the course of delivery, what differentiates you from your competition? You have the relationships necessary to partner with your client to resolve those issues quickly and at minimal cost. As you win more work, your clients look forward to working with you again because they trust you.

People. Policies. Pipeline.

It all begins with a thorough understanding of your clients and partners. People are the spirit of any organization and Policies provide direction and guide decisions. The Pipeline of work is what ties you, your partners and your clients together. It's how your clients deliver to their customers and define their success or failure.

Only when you really know the People and understand the Policies will you be trusted to help shape the Pipeline of work and position yourself and your partners to win and deliver.

Kempton Strategies LLC is a consulting firm providing strategic business development and government relations support to city builders. We position our private sector clients (developers, architects, engineers, contractors, operators and technology companies delivering horizontal and vertical infrastructure) to successfully win and deliver world-class infrastructure projects.

We will help you:

Raise your profile,
Identify the right opportunities,
Create successful pursuit strategies,
Build winning teams, and
Maintain the relationships necessary to keep your company growing.