Kempton Strategies LLC is a consulting firm providing strategic business development and government relations support for city builders. We provide our private sector clients (developers, architects, engineers, contractors, operators and technology companies delivering horizontal and vertical infrastructure) with a thorough understanding of the business landscape in their geographic markets.  We then help them develop and implement strategic plans to successfully navigate these markets by raising their profile with both partners and owners, positioning them to successfully bid, win and deliver world-class infrastructure projects.

People. Policies. Pipeline.

Kempton Strategies LLC connects our private sector clients with their public sector partners, ensuring long-term relationships built on trust.

Our clients deliver California’s horizontal and vertical infrastructure in a highly competitive environment. We understand how detailed market intelligence combined with the right strategy can provide a significant advantage.

Over our 60 years of combined experience we have applied innovative strategies to win work and have effectively guided teams through project completion. We will keep your focus on the People you partner with, the Policies that impact your business environment and the Pipeline of work that generates your revenue.

Our experienced team will help you:

  • Raise your profile
  • Identify the right opportunities
  • Create pursuit strategies
  • Build winning teams
  • Maintain the relationships necessary to keep your company growing